05 Apr

The Service Design Days 2016 – almost ready

Yes, it is a fact. Together with the help of many experts in innovation, lean startup, service design and experience design, we will be able to offer a unique event in Barcelona!

In the past months the group of experts has been growing, and we are almost ready to start communicating about a unique two-days event that we are organising.

The idea behind this event originated one year ago, when three like-minded creative professionals shared their visions about the new continuum: the changing society, and how companies can stay relevant and connected in a fierce business landscape.

Who are those creatives? Ariel Guersenzvaig, designer and senior lecturer at Elisava (Barcelona, Spain), Marcel Zwiers, designer, lecturer and partner at service design agency 31volts (Utrecht, The Netherlands), and Inge Keizer, customer experience consultant and partner at design agency Yabber. This event is the first in Europe that is focused on service design for decision makers. It connects strategic designers with business and vice versa.

But the group, at the moment, consists of many more: Kike Alonso, Adam Lawrence, Enric Bas, Asier Perez, Anton Schubert, Maritza Guaderrama, Tom de Bruyne, Tuomas Syrjänen, Josep M. Blanco, Mercè Graell, Aitor Perez, Jonne Kuyt, Juan Gasca Rubio, and many others.

Interested in joining the event? Visit www.servicedesigndays.com