20 Jul

The Service Design Days 2016 in Barcelona

Together with a group of like-minded strategic designers, we are organising the Service Design Days 2016 on the 7th and 8th of October in the heart of Barcelona. And you can join us! Are you looking for ways to transform your business to stay ahead of your competition?

The Service Design Days offer you the opportunity to learn from strategic design thinkers and doers. And to follow the successful transformation of design-led, customer-centric companies. This event is one of the first events in Europe that focuses on service design for decision makers. It connects strategic designers with business and vice versa.

You will be challenged to use your creativity and responsiveness to understand tomorrow’s customers. You will learn about new, successful tools how to stay relevant and valuable and build lasting customer experiences. Besides that, entrepreneurial brands will share their learnings on how to transform and innovate in a design-led way.

You’ll participate in interactive masterclasses with other entrepreneurs and decision makers from inside and outside your industry. Using methods and tools from areas such as service design, design thinking, business design, lean startup, participatory design and customer experience design. With a strategic, new and fresh perspective, you will find the arguments and tools you need to push your company and teams forward and be ready for the future.

Interested? Visit: www.servicedesigndays.com

For special (group)discounts, contact us or one of our sponsors directly. We hope to see you in Barcelona!