23 Sep

Being customer-centric is key

Based on profound research by Millward Brown it shows that adopting a customer-centric mindset and a healthy approach to data & analytics are crucial aspects for a company’s success.

Interesting is the fact that the survey compares “winners” with “losers”. What makes a successful company successful? The answer: The “winners” stand out because their customers always stay at the centre of their activities, from bottom to top and vice versa.

Two key findings:

Purpose led
For being successful, the company’s purpose needs to be leading, for both employees and clients. Employees need to understand the brand’s purpose. So that clients will feel that particular purpose in every touchpoint.

Customer obsessed
The whole company needs to love the client, listen to him, embrace co-working with him, and serve him in the best possible way.

Download the report: Driving Customer-Centric Growth (Insights2020)

This post is published in 2016