06 Jun

It’s all about design

Can design – finally – take off its visual coat? Is it time to reveal its inner self? And if so, are we accepting that everyone is a designer? Remember what Steve Jobs said: ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’ Let’s go one step further…

We agree with Daniel Burka when he writes about ‘Everyone is a designer. Get over it’. Everybody in a company is influencing the experience a customer has with that company. It is not just the visual, UX, UI or service designer. It is not about designing a store, an interface or a service. It’s what everybody from that company is writing, visualizing, saying, and doing. So is everybody a designer?

To be able to attract and interact with customers, you need to understand people; their way of thinking and behaving, their fears and needs, their objectives. This requires not only human centric thinking, but also empathy to become loved, bought, and used by your customers. Wouldn’t it be great if all companies are actively encouraging their employees to use their empathy, and if needed, coaching and training them in their skills to truly understand their customers and society as a whole?

Of course, this also requires companies to offer their employees an innovative environment in which they are able to act upon their insights and learnings. It’s what Daniel Burka is writing: ‘When you accept that design happens almost everywhere in your organization, you have to take responsibility for it.’

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