This blog is an initiative of Yabber and is about what keeps us busy in the fields of design, architecture, ecommerce, the sustainable, collaborative economy and a lot more.

Yabber is part of an independent creative network with a digital DNA, working in cities like Barcelona, London, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Our work is a combination of experience design, digital service design and modern, human centered marketing. We believe in engagement, and in creating lasting experiences for our clients. Digitally, on social media, on paper, and in (public) spaces. Our journey started in 2001, but we already designed our first online service a few years earlier. Since that time we have been involved in supporting our clients from business development and marketing strategies to specific products and spaces. Always starting each project with profound, in-depth research, using tools and methodologies such as one-on-one interviews, cocreative workshops, user journey mapping, user shadowing, service blueprinting, prototyping, etc., and combining those with data. Although we believe that a growing number of important touchpoints are digital, we look at services and customer journeys in a holistic way. They all matter, and need to offer the same, relevant experience. We have been responsible for the design and development of many digital products and services, and have managed quite a few platforms and social media accounts.

Our success? We love our work and our clients. We are truly interested in them, their business and their customers. We have fun in what we do. Plus: our Dutch mentality: being transparent and dedicated, and working efficient, proactive and 24/7. And, of course, our broad digital knowledge that runs through our veins.

We are proud to work for our clients. Such as Heineken, Schiphol, Triodos Bank, Vodafone, Interface Europe, Rabobank International, and Randstad. Next to these international brands, we work for small, local brands. Some of them are start-ups, some of them are already in the market for over decades. We love to work for all of them!

So what do we do for brands? How do we help our clients? That isn’t easy to say. Their markets and their customers, their challenges and ambitions vary too much for that. But the main purpose is letting our clients offer services that are valuable and relevant to their audience. Being meaningful and becoming part of people’s lives. Making it possible to truly and effectively connect with their customers, employees, fans and friends, and finding new ones. Yabber helps building brands that connect people, ideas and stories.


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The Netherlands

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