21 Jan

A great customer experience at every touchpoint

Nowadays banks are closing branches, retailers are going digital, and meals can be ordered through apps. One would almost forget that there are still touchpoints outside the digital world. And all those contact moments with customers have impact on the overall customer experience.

Michael Henshaw and Bruce Kasanoff wrote in their book, Smart Customers, Stupid Companies, about the importance of customer experience. Besides the digital experience, they mention the static experience and human experience. All should meet the expectations of your customers, and should be in line with each other. Your customers often cross multiple channels in one transaction, in the pursuit of one single goal. Their journeys aren’t linear, nor logical. They are intuitive, context driven, and omni-channel. So if you haven’t mapped those journeys yet, you need to start now!

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08 Jan

Customer-centricity: getting to know your clients personally

In this interconnected digital era it is all about relationships. Friends, family members and colleagues are connected with one and another through social platforms. And also organisations connect with their business relations, customers and fans through online channels.

For being really able to connect with your customers, organisations need to understand their customers. This is what is indicated in the Brand Management Circle: connectivity is key. Without a connection there is no relationship, without a relationship there is no understanding. At least not 100%.

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21 Dec

Deception on the internet and social media

Who hasn’t sent a text message saying “I’m on my way” when it wasn’t true or fudged the truth a touch in their online dating profile? But Jeff Hancock doesn’t believe that the anonymity of the internet encourages dishonesty. In fact, he says the searchability and permanence of information online may even keep us honest.

In this TEDxWinnipeg talk, Jeff Hancock, associate professor of communication and of information science, discusses how technology is affecting almost all aspects of human life, and deception, one of humankind’s most fascinating behaviors, is no exception.

This post was published in 2013.

19 Oct

Sustainable brands – what is sustainability?

The concept of sustainability is everywhere. On packaging, in advertising, connected with brands. But what if we talk about truly sustainable business?

Like the reuse of resources and the desire not to use new resourses for your product or packaging. Or human rights and the emergence of the rights of your customers, employees and society. Or the reducion of transport costs and the ambition to no longer produce in the country with the lowest wages and production costs. Or the health of humans and animals and the will no longer add ingredients that are not good for humans, animals and the environment. Or just being open and honest, willing to share, co-create and collaborate with customers, chain partners or even your competitors.

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01 Dec

Branding start met interactie en klantenbinding (in Dutch)

Thomas Marzano, global creative director Digital Brand Design bij Philips, hield een inspirerende presentatie tijdens de Guardian’s Changing Advertising Summit 2012. In zijn presentatie met de titel ‘Social by design, from advertising to UX’, legt Marzano uit hoe organisaties zich moeten verbinden met de consument. Juist in de huidige digitale wereld is merkbeleving gebaseerd op de manier waarop gebruikers omgaan met producten en diensten.

Thomas Marzano about branding

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19 Nov

Het belang van storytelling (in Dutch)

Er wordt (gelukkig) steeds meer geschreven en gesproken over het belang van het overbruggen van de afstand tussen organisatie en klant. Van het uitnodigen van de klant op de werkvloer en in de directiekamer. En van de verhalen van klanten en hun belevenissen die hen hebben doen besluiten om voor een specifiek product of dienst te kiezen.

Zo blijkt uit recent onderzoek van Holger Schulze (Optify) ‘B2B Content Marketing Trends 2012’ dat onder de ondervraagden het belangrijkste ingrediënt voor succesvolle content ‘engaging storytelling’ is. Ook bij B2C weten veel organisaties dat het draait om de klant en zijn verhaal. De klantverhalen zijn belangrijke elementen die een merk vormen.

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