14 Feb

The new way of working starts now

Almost 3 years ago I started writing about the new way of working, about the knowledge worker, and the changing structures of organisations. Today I read a post on Forbes from Jacob Morgan: “The 14 Principles Of The Future Organization”. Quite interesting.

Like Jacob, I believe that the borders of organisations will blur, literally and figuratively (Read: From flexible working to innovation networks). Not only to enable clients to step in and share their ideas. But also to let knowledge and experience enter at the right moment to innovate, renew and improve products and services. The modern employee needs to use his entrepreneurial skills to cooperate in multidisciplinary teams with customers, potential customers, suppliers, freelance experts, etc. All with different backgrounds, experiences and skills, such as creativity, tecnology, analitical…

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24 May

The sharing economy, based on collaborative consumption

Many new businesses are based on the principles of peer-to-peer sharing and collaboration. The new platforms service these consumers’ needs, and make it possible to build communities with like-minded peers. Communities that care, give, share, swap, reuse, trust and recycle.

A growing group of consumers is getting tired of listening to promises of some of the multinationals. The complaints: ‘The corporates have misused our information, our trust, our brand love. Think about the finance industry. But also the energy and automotive market. Why haven’t they listened to our concerns about openness, transparancy, co-creating, innovation, sustainability etcetera? Yes, they make some small steps, but as we don’t believe in their honesty anymore, we think it is green washing, and not because of us, the society.’

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19 Oct

Sustainable brands – what is sustainability?

The concept of sustainability is everywhere. On packaging, in advertising, connected with brands. But what if we talk about truly sustainable business?

Like the reuse of resources and the desire not to use new resourses for your product or packaging. Or human rights and the emergence of the rights of your customers, employees and society. Or the reducion of transport costs and the ambition to no longer produce in the country with the lowest wages and production costs. Or the health of humans and animals and the will no longer add ingredients that are not good for humans, animals and the environment. Or just being open and honest, willing to share, co-create and collaborate with customers, chain partners or even your competitors.

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