04 Feb

Innovation, start-ups, and solving daily life problems

Looking at Google, news about innovation is a daily matter. Almost everybody is talking about innovation. Especially tech start-ups. But what if we look a bit further?

I remember a debate about innovation and taking risks, and looked for it in my Twitter feed. See: Innovation or stagnation (Oxford Union Debate) and Technological stagnation and advanced countries. Talking about Apple, for instance, was the iPad an innovation, and what about the Apple Watch? An interesting discussion.

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06 Jan

The top 8 eCommerce challenges of 2016

2015 has been a successful year for eCommerce. But its full potential remained untapped with only 12% of EU retailers selling online to consumers in other EU countries, and 37% within their own country.

Similarly, only 15% of consumers purchase online from another EU country, while 44% do so from their own country. An explosive growth is predicted in 2016 and the value of eCommerce is expected to double in the upcoming years.

“Mobile” is becoming the consumer’s preferred way of shopping and mCommerce is set to take centre stage in 2016 with a growth twice as fast as eCommerce. Optimisation of the mobile platform, therefore, is of the highest priority for retailers and suppliers. A survey shows that 69% of them admit that they are busy making their apps and websites (more) responsive and more intuitive for users, customers.

Since 2010 we are talking about the Age of the Connected Customer. Europe has more than 33 million e-shoppers. The technological possibilities for a brand, retailer or e-tailer to connect with customers are enormous. But all services are being criticised. Customers expect truly personalised experiences, and a lot more. So what are the eCommerce challenges of 2016?

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21 Jan

A great customer experience at every touchpoint

Nowadays banks are closing branches, retailers are going digital, and meals can be ordered through apps. One would almost forget that there are still touchpoints outside the digital world. And all those contact moments with customers have impact on the overall customer experience.

Michael Henshaw and Bruce Kasanoff wrote in their book, Smart Customers, Stupid Companies, about the importance of customer experience. Besides the digital experience, they mention the static experience and human experience. All should meet the expectations of your customers, and should be in line with each other. Your customers often cross multiple channels in one transaction, in the pursuit of one single goal. Their journeys aren’t linear, nor logical. They are intuitive, context driven, and omni-channel. So if you haven’t mapped those journeys yet, you need to start now!

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01 Dec

Branding start met interactie en klantenbinding (in Dutch)

Thomas Marzano, global creative director Digital Brand Design bij Philips, hield een inspirerende presentatie tijdens de Guardian’s Changing Advertising Summit 2012. In zijn presentatie met de titel ‘Social by design, from advertising to UX’, legt Marzano uit hoe organisaties zich moeten verbinden met de consument. Juist in de huidige digitale wereld is merkbeleving gebaseerd op de manier waarop gebruikers omgaan met producten en diensten.

Thomas Marzano about branding

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10 Apr

Marketing draait om digital engagement (in Dutch)

B. Bonin Bough, vice president of global digital and consumer engagement van Kraft Foods, gaf een bevlogen keynote presentatie op de MediaGuardian Changing Media Summit 2012 over digitale marketing, engagement en digitale fitness. Vanuit zijn huidige en eerdere functie bij PepsiCo ziet hij hoe grote, logge organisaties (‘dinosaurs’) moeite hebben met de ontwikkelsnelheid van de digitale wereld, en engagement met 24/7 online, mondige, betrokken consumenten.

Digital marketing, engagement en digital fitness

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